About us

Quality and expertise

Photo showing our grafting technique


The art of grafting

We use a traditional grafting method to make the plants grow strong and resistant to wind and drought.

Thanks to our grafting technique the foliage gets very large and the roots grow deeply in the ground.

Photo showing our pruning technique


Attention to pruning and highest standards

We dedicate the maximum attention to the pruning of our plants to assure that they grow in a balanced manner to save you post-transplant maintenance.

Our plants are also propagated from selected motherstock trees and produced under the highest standards of nursery hygiene.

Photo of Enzo Chiostri, founder of Vivai Chiostri


Direct, friendly relationship with our customers

Vivai Chiostri is a family-run olive tree nursery founded in 1949 by Enzo Chiostri in Pescia, Tuscany.

Being a small business allows us to build a direct relationship with our customers, based on friendship and reciprocal trust.

Our products

A photo representing the products

Orchard Olive Trees

Two to four years old grafted olive trees used to create new orchards or thicken existing ones.

A photo representing the products

Ornamental Olive Trees

Olive trees of small size (bonsai) or big size used to adorn parks, houses and gardens.

A photo representing the products

Hedge Olive Trees

Olive trees used to create long hedges or tree-lined roads.